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About GraphenePioneer

GraphenePioneer is a leader in innovating and driving the change in various market segments with sustainable solutions. Our mission focuses on harnessing graphene's full potential and enabling industries to embrace groundbreaking technologies that outperform conventional systems while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprint as a commitment to shape a better future.

Graphene for a greener future


We proudly pioneer in utilizing the extraordinary properties of graphene to elevate industries and play an important part in moving towards a sustainable world. Our mission is to develop and deliver the best solutions in graphene that will empower climate mitigation and adaptation.


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With several years in the industry and a team of experts, GraphenePioneer offers extensive knowledge and specialization gained through research and development of graphene solutions. Our sataff entails scientists, engineers, and industry professionals specialized in different fields of application for graphene.

Working alongside partners, researchers, and businesses from across the globe, we aim to find with them the infinite possibilities graphene offers and offer innovation. Together with our aptitude, working side by side allows our clients to harvest powers of innovation in their respective fields capable of transforming energy storage, composites, and much more.

GraphenePioneer was incepted in the year 2022 under the leadership of Michel de Ruiter who is a globally recognized expert in the subject of graphene.

The headquarters are located in Balk, the Netherlands while other offices are based in the United States, Japan, and UAE.

GraphenePioneer has a team of experienced scientists and engineers who are dedicated to developing and commercializing graphene-based products.

The company offers solutions for various industries like energy, composites, or sensors applications, that are aimed at climate adaptation and mitigation.

GraphenePioneer is committed to sustainability.

At GraphenePioneer, we are driven by our mission, guided by our values, and fueled by our expertise.

To learn more about our mission, values, and how we can collaborate to drive innovation, please get in touch with our team.